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2018 Ballot: 

Link to the online ballot will be emailed to active members on September 20, 2018.




Jennifer Nash: 


My leadership experiences in the APTA nationally include the Neurology Section on the CSM Planning Committee and the Vestibular SIG Nominating Committee. I have also contributed to the NVPTA in the capacity of Publications Chair, Southern District Chair, Executive Secretary and most recently President. Working closely with APTA Board President Sharon Dunn and Board Liaison Sheila Nicholson has taught me many valuable leadership skills.  With these mentors and experiences, I feel ready to serve a second term as NVPTA President with goals of inclusion, transparency and mentorship. 


Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals.

Improving reimbursement for our services is definitely a high priority though more critical right now is maintaining our scope of practice. Currently, we are working to prepare for the 2019 Legislative Session in Nevada.  The NVPTA BOD has hired an experienced Nevada Lobbyist firm, The Perkins Group, to help us navigate the process. The upcoming session starting in February 2019 will challenge us to defend our practice act.  Specifically, we will need to come together to educate our legislators that we are skilled in dry needling and protect our right to grade 5 mobilizations.   This preparation includes creating relationships other health care professions, the Nevada Physical Therapy Board as well as with our state legislators.  Our efforts are also focused on collaboration with the Nevada Physical Therapy Board to bring the PT compact to Nevada allowing our members to practice in our other states without getting separate licenses.  Additionally, with the assistance of our lobbyist, we are drafting language for our own bill.  We have three goals with the bill.  One would be to secure term protection for “DPT”, so no other individual could use those initials unless they were a licensed NV Physical Therapist.  The second to add health and wellness language into our scope explicitly.   Lastly, we are talking with the NV Medical Association regarding language for our practice act that would allow PTs to diagnose movement disorders. 


How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

The Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members in 3 important ways.  First is engagement. The BOD needs to be an engaged team, have meaningful discussions, provide deliverables on time, bring concerns of our community to the group, and respect each person’s time and effort.  Second is to be transparent to the Chapter members.  Chapter members often are not aware of what the BOD do.  So allowing them in to the processes and teaching them what our mentors have taught us builds a future for our association and ultimately our profession in Nevada.  Third is Leadership.  We need to lead by building relationships in the community, innovate our practices and process, and recognize the opportunities for growth in our members and our profession.


Jenelle Lauchman


Leadership Experience:

APTA member 20+ yrs
Nvapta district secretary, treasurer, delegate, chief delegate, president, payment/reimbursement
chair, active member.
Full time practicing PT in NV since 2009

Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals.

Membership and declining reimbursement:

I have been fortunate to serve the Nevada chapter for the last 10 years and it is my pleasure to ask for your support for chapter president. Recently I have been very active working with the NV PT Board on updating the NRS/NAC and want to continue that momentum to modernize physical therapy practice in Nevada. These changes are a step to improving access to PT in Nevada as well as starting a robust discussion on reimbursement for our service. My passion for reimbursement reform and improvements makes me an ideal candidate for President. I would love to continue my work to improve payment across all area of PT practice.


How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?
Relationships: Building on my relationships I want to involve all members including PTAs and students making sure everyone has a voice. Engaging all stakeholders: members, non-members, clients, payers, and
all other healthcare providers; is an area the NVAPTA board could improve which could increase our leverage in the state. The board could use these relationships in order to see major NRS changes in the next legislative session. Leveraging every avenue including social media as well as community resources build our profession reputation.







Nicole Lang


I have been a member of the Nevada Chapter of the APTA since my first year of PT school. That year, I also joined the NVPTA Student Special Interest Group and became the secretary and the following year I was elected as chair of the NVPTA SSIG, all while serving as the Vice President of my PT class.

After graduating, I remained a member of the NVPTA and was appointed as Practice Chair in 2017. In my current capacity as Practice Chair, I have taken on multiple projects including helping to organize the inaugural OT/PT Joint Conference in Henderson, NV, which was the first conference of its kind in the U.S. It was an outstanding success and I am honored to have been a part of the executive committee.

In 2018, Sue Priestman (PAC Chair) and I organized the Key Contact Initiative, which facilitates relationships between members of the NVPTA and state legislators. In anticipation of another turbulent year on Capitol Hill, we recognized the necessity for establishing meaningful relationships with lawmakers and we are proud to report the initiative is going well and both legislators and members are excited to build collaborative relationships.

I have also attended the Federal Advocacy Forum (both as a PT student and as a licensed PT), the State Policy and Payment Forum, as well as several Combined Sections Meetings as a representative of NVPTA.


Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals:

In my opinion, the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals is the need for ongoing active engagement in legislative affairs. The PT community has an outstanding reputation on Capitol Hill and it would be a shame to let that relationship go largely untapped due to lack of widespread member engagement. Legislators want connections with their constituents and NVPTA’s grassroots efforts are key to establishing meaningful long-term relationships with legislators to ensure our future successes.



How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?


The BOD can best serve members by continuing to facilitate communication among all stakeholders and to continue to invest in worthwhile initiatives that ensure the security of the physical therapy scope of practice.


Director - Programming


Gina Tulimero

I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Touro University Nevada in 2013. I have worked in outpatient orthopedics since graduation. I also worked per diem in a neuro rehab setting until 2015. I joined the Synergy Physical Therapy team in 2015. I am an APTA certified clinical instructor and a professional member of USA Gymnastics. I am also an adjunct faculty member at Touro University Nevada. I am Graston and Dry Needling level 2 certified.


Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals.

I think the biggest issue facing Nevada PT professionals is the current reimbursement rates and how it affects the quality of care in each type of clinical setting.


How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

I think the best way the Chapter Board of Directors and serve the members is by providing open and consistent communication. Improving communication with local PTs. Communication should focus on informing PTs about recent updates regarding policies or proposed changes, receiving their feedback and representing them accurately.


Melanie Thurmond


I have been a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2015. I currently work in Rural, Winnemucca Nevada and am specializing my practice towards Women’s Health. Prior to being a DPT, I was a PTA in the state of Michigan since 2006. I have experience in many realms of PT. I have worked in outpatient, inpatient, SNF, schools, and home health. I have also had experience in management of SNF. Last year I volunteered for the NVPTA starting as northern rep and was voted in as interim Director of Education.


Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals.

Some of the issues facing Nevada PT is the lack of resources and rural placement of people/clinics. In the area that I work, there are not many specialists and a therapist you have to be equipped to handle anything. Therefore, I have added Women’s Health to my practice. Nevada PTs are currently having issues with protecting our practice from Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine.


How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

The Chapter Board of Directors serve the Chapter members by keeping them informed and being an advocate for PT. As a working PT it is very hard to keep updated on payment, education, and improving your clinical practice. The Board helps with this through Newsletters, listserve, and advocating behind the scenes.





Nominating Committee (2 will be selected)

Gretchen Haase


Currently I am an Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education in the School of Physical Therapy at Touro University Nevada (TUN). I have served in this position since starting at TUN in late 2012. I also serve on a number of University and Program level committees. Prior to moving to Las Vegas I lived in New York and worked primarily in the Outpatient setting for 10 years and served as a Site Coordinator of Clinical Education and Clinical Instructor. I have been a member of the Nevada Chapter since moving to Las Vegas and value the work the chapter has done. I feel it is important to be involved in service to your community and your profession. I welcome the opportunity to serve my profession through involvement with the NVPTA.  


Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals.

An important issue for Nevada PT professionals is advocacy of the profession. This continues to be an important factor to improve public perception and consumers understanding of the role of a Physical Therapist. I believe we should continue to advocate for Physical Therapists as an entry point into healthcare and continuing to limit barriers to access care.


How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

The Chapter Board of Directors can best serve chapter members by providing effective communication and cultivating an environment in which members feel supported, engaged and can opening discuss their needs regarding professional and practice issues. The Chapter Board of Directors should continue to advocate for the needs of its members both at the state and national levels.


Sean Reilly


For the past 2 years I have served as the Secretary to the Nevada Physical Therapy Association and have served on multiple committees and projects over that time. As an acute care physical therapist, I believe I bring a unique point of view and expertise than others working in outpatient or education, which will benefit the chapter by creating some diversity. While in physical therapy school, I served as the Core Ambassador for Nevada to the APTA, as well as held the Vice Chair and Secretary positions for the NVPTA Student Special Interest Group.


Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals.

I believe the most important issue facing Nevada PTs is new graduates entering the work force with an overbearing amount of school debt. A significant amount of new physical therapists are forced to search for opportunities that pay better and do not necessarily provide the best environment for a new graduate to flourish. Often, the reality of paying back your school loans makes us forgo opportunities such as residencies that would provide great benefit in a young career.


How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

The Chapter Board of Directors can best serve the members by continually seeking out input from the members and collaborating with each other. In my experience many members, and non-members, are apathetic about participating within the association, as they do not feel their voice is heard. By working to keep a finger on the pulse of the membership and what issues are important to them, as well as showing progress in objective measures, the association will see an improvement in member participation and satisfaction.






PTA Caucus Rep Alternate


Michael Smith


I have experience as a Physical Therapy Assistant in a variety of Post-Acute, Acute and Outpatient rehabilitation settings for over 20 years. Along with my healthcare administration background I served in several leadership roles including Multisite Rehab Director, Area Director and Regional Rehab Director for post-acute contract rehab service providers. I came to work at Carrington after serving as a Senior Director of EMR and Clinical Education with Brookdale working with innovations with documentation and supporting mobile learning for clinicians in the Home Health, Outpatient and Skilled Nursing settings. It was also in this role that I became acutely aware of the regulatory impact on all Physical Therapy related changes while keeping clinicians up to date on changing industry demands. I am currently a faculty member of the PTA program at Carrington College.


Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals.

In my opinion, healthcare as an industry has been under siege with waves of changing reimbursement rates as well as government regulations, payment models and practice challenges. With my experience I have been fortunate enough to have been well informed with companies that do participate in the government PAC meetings. It is my feeling that the most important issue facing Nevada PT professionals revolves around regulations and standards for value based and patient driven payment models therefore not only affecting reimbursement but also our methods of practice. It is my believe as these changes do occur in the industry that we must be diligent about expanding our ability to practice and protecting reimbursement as not to diminish the profession further similar to what has happened in the past 15 years.


How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

The Chapter Board of Directors can best serve Chapter members by translating industry shifting legislation and identifying key opportunities that PT clinicians and facilities can take advantage of to advance the profession and serve the population of Nevada.



SSIG President (to be voted on by students only)


Katherine Gabler

My name is Katherine Gabler and I am currently a second year Physical Therapy student at Touro Univeristy Nevada. I am from Longmont Colorado, and graduated from Colorado State University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine. I have always had an ambition to improve myself and those around me whether that be through hiking some of the tallest mountains in Colorado, to expanding my knowledge through furthering my education, to volunteering at medical camps for children with Muscular Dystrophy. I strive not only to improve myself, but I am passionate about advancing our profession to its greatest potential and I believe that begins during our journey as PT and PTA students.

This is why I want to run to become Nevada’s President for the Student Special Interest Group of the American Physical Association (NVAPTA-SSIG).

I am dedicated to helping students gain access to opportunities that will help further their education and expound their future careers as PT’s and PTA’s. I have shown this dedication through in my role as liaison for my class and the Nevada American Physical Therapy Association (NVAPTA).  I have brought numerus volunteer opportunities to my PT class that involve helping in the community. I was also part of the group of students that recently created the new NVAPTA-SSIG bylaws that were adopted this past May.

It is my vision, if I were elected to be President, to bring Nevada PT and PTA students together to advocate for shared goals and opportunities. I would like students to have greater access to our future PT and PTA colleagues in the community to build relationships and learn from each other. I also believe that the NVAPTA-SSIG will serve as the voice of PT and PTA students in Nevada and I am ready to work with the NVAPTA to make sure the student perspective is considered as decisions are made that affect us. I am inspired by the potential of the SSIG and am excited to be a part of the Nevada physical therapy community.





  Daniel Tiano

My name is Daniel Tiano and I’m a 2 nd -year DPT student at UNLV. I’ve always been an advocate for community service and activism. I grew up volunteering in various settings with my family, and continue to share that enthusiasm with my classmates through organizing trips to a

local food bank and promoting/participating in other community service events. I will always believe that small, compounded acts of service have the greatest potential to do good and enact change within a community. However, I’m ready to take on a role within PT advocacy that has a bigger reach than my local efforts.
Of all the reasons  I think I’d make a great representative for the SSIG, I think my initiative and willingness to take steps toward change is what sets me apart. For example, in undergrad, I founded and led my school’s first Pre-PT club. To do this, I identified a gap within my school’s pre-health support services, spent six months jumping through hoops to get it off the ground, and finally made it a reality which helped at least half the members get into PT school. When I heard about PT Day of Service in 2017, there were no events in Las Vegas, so I organized one. I’m currently involved in a research project that will utilize PT’s and PT students to help participants with low back pain at a volunteer medical clinic that currently does not offer PT services. If I’m elected president or vice president of the SSIG, I will be sure to handle my duties with the enthusiasm and initiative that I’ve demonstrated through my history of tackling issues head-on.









Jenny Patricio

Hello, my name is Jenny and I am a student PTA from Pima Medical Institute. Prior to being a student PTA, I have received my degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Allied Health Sciences from UNLV. During my time in UNLV, I have served as a Vice President for Lambda Kappa Delta, a pre-physical therapy honors society where I have participated in volunteering, fundraising, and networking events. I am interested in this position because I genuinely want to help others expand on their passions, be a reliable source for others, and serve as the voice for SPTAs. 





Dear Nevada APTA Members:

The following bylaw amendments have been developed by the board and approved by APTA Parliamentarian. This will be discussed at the upcoming annual meeting on October 6, which is available to attend live in Las Vegas and online.  The purpose of the amendments is to: To provide one new member to the nominating committee each year with the final year as chair of the committee. The current language does not equate to three members. This will further define who becomes chairperson each year.

Language to be removed is shown as stricken; Language to be added is underlined.

"The Nominating Committee shall consist of three eligible members, one elected by the membership each year at the annual meeting, who shall serve a term of three years or until the election of his or her successor. who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Chapter. Two members of the committee shall be elected in the even-numbered years.

Members shall serve a term of two years or until their successors are elected.

The Chairman shall be elected by the committee and shall serve until the successor assumes office. The third-year committee member will serve as the Chair of the committee. 

In the event that there is no third-year member, the committee shall elect its own chairman




  • Posted Sept. 11, 2018
  • Voting opens Sept. 26, 2018
  • Voting closes Oct. 11, 2018
  • New officers announced on Oct. 12, 2018.




Positions on 2019 ballot:

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Director (Membership)

  • Nominating Committee (1 3 year position, 3rd year as Chair)

  • PTA Representative

Timeline - 2019 Nominating Committee to review the following proposed timeline:

  • May 1, 2019 – Call for nominations (although nominations are accepted all year)
  • August 12, 2019 - 60 days prior - Nominating Committee publishes proposed slate. Members may nominate additional candidates for next 30 days.
  • September 12, 2019 - 30 days prior - Ballot closes. Candidates should have statements and photos to Nominating Committee/Office
  • September 14, 2019 - 28 days prior - Candidates photos and statements posted online
  • September 21, 2019 - 21 days prior - Voting opens
  • October 5, 2019 - 7  days prior - voting closes
  • October 12, 2019 - NVPTA Business Meeting - winners announced and take office immediately following the meeting.

Please submit your nomination or intent to serve to

Future Ballots

Positions on 2020 ballot:



Director (Education)
Nominating Committee (1 3 year position, 3rd year as Chair)
PTA Representative Alternate

Delegate (4 years, last two years as Chief on the Board)


Positions on 2021 ballot:

Vice President


Director (Membership)
Nominating Committee (1 3 year position, 3rd year as Chair)
PTA Representative

Chief Delegate - 1 year (special election)

Positions on 2022 ballot:



Director (Education)
Nominating Committee (1 3 year position, 3rd year as Chair)
PTA Representative Alternate

Delegate (4 years, last two years as Chief on the Board)



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